Office Building for World Health Organization
Designed together with Atelier Zundel Cristea for W.H.O., Geneva

The current site of the World Health Organization building is divided by a height difference of 6 meters. The street level and main entrance are situated above, while below there is a wide green area. The old offices, designed by Jean Tschumi and built between 1960-1966, stand detached from the ground throughout an ingenious system of columns.

The proposed extension aims to reinforce the urban silhouette of the old building while connecting to it in an optimal way. The public areas situated at street level, follow the transparency and lightness of the old, while the office spaces above are detached to keep a “respectful distance”. A series of steps, which pass through the building, connect the lower park with the street.

The architecture of the new volume is clear and compact with generous windows that open towards the surrounding lakes and wide minimalist slabs which reflect the functional flexibility of the project. There are two main volumes hosting the office space, divided by a high atrium including the vertical circulations. Spaces of socialization, storage and relaxation are evenly distributed around this central void.

Program Distribution:

Office Space and Administration on 8 Levels : 15.000 sqm 
Polyvalent Spaces, Exhibition Spaces, Recetion: 700 sqm 
Conference Rooms 2.040 sqm 
Restaurant 2.200 sqm 
SHOC Room 870 sqm 
Archive and Technical Space below street level: 1.544 sqm 
Parking 19.065 sqm 

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