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Here I have published a selection of projects developed within a few years of practice. Some I produced independently, others are part of my professional activity within several architecture firms. Overall it is not a cohesive set of works since they relate to different contexts and gather influences from various foreign places. My involvement in architecture competitions is motivated by an interest towards site and program study. It is a way of using my latest research findings to express new ideas.

Recently, designing for construction has been occupying more of my time due to ongoing projects in which I take part.


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Below are a few notes from my CV:


  • 2017: My conceptual project “The Lānai” won an Honorable Mention in Archasm.in Competitions.
  • Since November 2015 I have been working as an architect for SMA in Stockholm. Together we design row houses, apartment buildings, small kindergartens and one general school. All of them are modular, energy efficient buildings.
  • Between December 2013 and April 2015 I worked as a competition architect for AZC in Paris. Together we won a Second Prize with a proposal for a bridge between Rheinfelden Aargau - Rheinfelden Baden, another Second Prize for IGA events in Berlin and an Honorable Mention with a proposal for an office building within the Adidas Campus in Herzogenaurach.
  • 2014: My urban design strategy for Dallas - “The Connected City” Competition is selected among the finalists within the Open Stream Category.
  • 2013: I won an Honorable Mention for “The Wave Pavilion” in AC-CA Competitions.
  • 2013: I won an Honorable Mention for “The Žužemberk Pavilion” in EASA Competitions.
  • 2013: My proposal for Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival in Scotland, entitled “The Floating Passage” won First Prize.
  • Between October 2012 and December 2012 I worked as a design architect for 3GATTI in Shanghai. The SND Fashion Store, a later collaboration, was completed in 2014.
  • Between March 2012 and August 2012 I collaborated with AMB in São Paulo. The inflated pavilion that we designed and produced for “Virada Digital” hosted a multimedia event in Paraty.
  • 2012: I won an Honorable Mention in eVolo Competitions.
  • Between 2009 and 2011 I worked as an architect at DSBA in Bucharest. Our project “Taiwan Tower” won a First Prize in the open competition and a Third Prize in the following procurement competition.
  • 2009: I graduate from Ion Mincu University of Architecture in Bucharest after 6 years of study.
  • 2009: As a student I was part of the urban research group “Flocking over Bucharest”, a project coordinated by architect Dorin Stefan for the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

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