Lamborghini Inner Gardens

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Vegetal Wall Garden


To complement the plant of Automobili Lamborghini, two hidden gardens enclosed by high planted walls are proposed for the North and South roundabouts. Seen from the motorway they become a showcase of both nature and human intervention, clearly signaling the entrances of the prestigious location.


The inside of those gardens intends to express an inaccessible universe, without any clear road or entrance leading there, its existence known only by a few.

Th e plants that form the green walls are meant to be chosen from the local flora: unpretentious grasses and shrubs that don’t require much water or maintenance. Their positions over the cylindrical surface is designed parametrically in order to achieve a dynamic vertical landscape which, complemented

also by their movements in the wind, induce a sensation of lightheadedness. The result is a new interpretation of the local landscape, reorganized by computer.


The hidden spaces inside the garden wall can host outdoor exhibitions of sculptures, temporary installations, small theatre plays or movie projections during the summer. From the winding path described by the interior ramp, visitors can view several scenes unrolling like a scroll of paintings. Wandering

along the green walls might evoke an idyllic feeling of an ancient time, inhabited by mythological creatures.


Interior view of the garden showing the access ramp


The vegetal wall and the ramp are held above the ground by eight concrete columns, disposed in pairs over the foundation plinth. The wall is assembled with 882 plant growing boxes, half creating the garden surface for the outside and another half for the inside. Th e total planted surface inside and out is 362

square meters. Th e garden wall is connected to a cylindrical steel structure 4.4m high. Th e ramp and the circular deck of the upper level are build using aluminum components for better maintenance and good overtime performance. A carefully designed illumination system can create a night environment

within the garden, without disturbing the motorway traffic.


The suspended garden in the landscape
Vegetal Wall Detail
Green Wall Section

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