Rheinfelden Aargau - Rheinfelden Baden, Bridge

Designed together with Atelier Zundel Cristea

www.zundelcristea.com, rendering: airstudio.fr



To encourage pedestrian and bike traffic between Rheinfelden (Baden) and Rheinfelden (Aargau) a competition was launched for a bridge over the River Rhein. The bridge is supposed to be a unifying element for the international construction exhibition, hosted in Basel in 2020. Therefore, the competitors were asked to develop an iconic structure which can identify itself with the site. The customer expected the creation of an interesting journey between the future train stop on the German shore and the Swiss town.



For a better integration within the natural landscape a series of specifications were meant to be followed: Allow a free passage, above and below the deck, in order not to disturb the flight of birds; transparent materials were prohibited for the same reason. Avoid direct illumination and light reflections over the surface of the water in order not to disturb the fish habitat. Any accessible surface should not become slippery in case of rain; asphalt was chosen for our design.



The total span over the river is approximately 250m and because of navigational constraints only one pillow could sit in the water, at approximately one third of this distance. The bridge must allow a free passage of 4.5m wide and 2.5m height for cyclists, pedestrians and maintenance vehicles. Estimated flow is around 500-600 cyclists and pedestrians per day.


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